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Katherine Humphreys
King Tuff at Sub Pop Silver Jubilee / photo by Beth Crook
  • King Tuff returns to Brattleboro, VT with a video for "Sun Medallion" - a non-fiction song about a beautiful little necklace King Tuffy picked up while working at a thrift store. "My favorite part is when I turn into a witch, played by my BFF Ruthie," he told Rolling Stone, where you can see for yourself all the sunny woodsy cemetery trippiness. [Rolling Stone]
  • Merchandise and Thurston Moore's Chelsea Light Moving will tour together through America later this fall following Merchandise's own tour through Europe. Starting in Alabama they will hit Fun Fun Fun Fest before heading up to Baltimore. They'll also be playing a few shows with Kurt Vile and the Violators as well as Beach Fossils. Dates at Pitchfork.
  • Okay, prepare yourself for possibly the best/creepiest concept album that is probably actually great music from WHY?. So WHY? decided to cyber follow several of their megafans via the internet, yes - cyber obsession - and made an album called Golden Tickets of portraits of those fans. Each song, another picture of how people portray themselves online - stories invented and possibly true. The first of these is a sad ballad of a man called "Murmurer" (also the song title) on OkayCupid and his difficulties with love. It doesn't get more modern love than that. Listen at Stereogum.
  • The new Youth Lagoon video for "Raspberry Cane" is an animated journey through a land where mythical monsters cohabitate with humans.  These include a phoenix like fire bird, a ghosting floating mask, a silhouetted giant, and a water dragon - all moving slowing and glittering in their detail throughout the 6 minute long saga. [Pitchfork]
  • Camera Obscura has a heart-wrenching video for "Break It To Me Gently", from their recent Desire Lines, that could possibly second as a children's movie/book about a shopping cart who gets a little lost, just wants some friends, and has to try and survive in this crazy human world. In the end though, just when you think we've all been quite insensitive enough, things do work out. [Stereogum]
  • Yuck are back with a new frontman - guitarist Max Bloom now fills that role - and a new track "Middle Sea" from their upcoming album Glow & Behold which has been confirmed and will be out in October. "I don't want to live forever", Bloom croons before being joined by Mariko Doi's sweet murmuring throughout the track. [Pitchfork]
  • King Dude is set to release new tunes via his label, Not Just Religious Music, and today released "Born in Blood", a wily creature of a song full of warbling high and low just as it oscillates from one seedy evangelical confession to another.  He will also be on a west coast tour this fall, ending with a show in Seattle. [Impose]
  • The last time the super combination of Earl Sweatshirt and Frank Ocean happened was with "Super Rich Kids". Their new collaboration "Sunday" is so incredibly different. The track sounds like it's taking place over the phone - underproduced and fuzzy intentionally, it sounds almost like a conversation. Is it between the two of them rapping, or is it between the listener and them? [Stereogum]

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Daily Roundups

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Daily Roundups

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