Hood to Hood 2013: Dude York

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Britta Plyler

If you haven't already heard of the riff heavy, eternally energetic, best stage banter you might ever hear (seriously) Dude York, then we're not sure where you've been. Not only have they been on our own Audioasis recently, but they have been dropping bomb after bomb of incredible EP's since their first, Gangs of Dude York, back in 2011. They're almost unclassifiable - their brand of rock lies somewhere between the somewhat sarcastically tag "Teenpop" from their Bandcamp, pure power pop but still sincere punk, and that kind of freak out of explosive attention deficit energy that afflicts our generation. Last fall, following their first post-college EP Escape from Dude York in 2011, they released The Lake EP - but today at Hood to Hood we were able to hear a little bit from all eras.

During our Hood to Hood broadcast during Huskyfest at University of Washington's Red Square, Dude York seemed to have luck on their side when the rain decided to let up a little during the set. Vocalist Peter shined as a killer guitarist during "Hesitate" and "Idol". The trio had a rich, guitar heavy sound that had their fans bouncing around to the beat. The weather's been consistently gloomy, but that hasn't kept the crowds from forming. After a solid seven songs, Dude York wrapped up their mini-concert was "Ghoul" a more somber rock heavy number.

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