Review Revue: Che - Narcotic

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

It is proving quite difficult to find out much information about Che (pronounced, we are informed here, "Shay") or Alix Plain, the person behind this project. The very minimal Allmusic entry mentions that Plain was the odd man out when his previous band, Modern Eon, broke up and the other four members continued as This Time Next Year. (Recordings by both of those bands are available on Spotify, should you want to investigate). Plain then started this solo project, which lasted for several years and produced this one LP and a handful of singles. I have no idea what he's been up to for the past 20-odd years. Based on the feedback by the KCMU heads in 1989, we've been missing out.

"Feeling wild? If you're expecting the pounding you got with Che's 'powerstation' 10", then the joke's on-u (heh heh) [producer Adrian Sherwood's label is called On-U Sound]. 3 Tracks on here produced by Adrian Sherwood - the rest by Che himself. This is more slow and soulful."

"NNTNBT 7/11"

"Light funk ranging from atmospheric to a lighter version of the On-U sound. Some excellent moments, but watch out for a couple of the more dance-oriented tracks." [I love that: Watch out! Someone listening to college radio might be moved to dance! Danger!]

"'I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much' is a Bobby Womack cover."



"I'm into this sweaty dancey stuff. 'Wish He Didn't' was hot! It's OK to dance. Very funky, too."

"Music for picking up your one night stand with. Great afterhours Tackhead stuff."

"[arrow pointing to above comment] Bitch magnet."

"View from a new perspective."

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