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Katherine Humphreys
photo by Dave Lichterman

  • What was already a heavy bleeding track by METZ, "Wasted" has been given a suitable and totally screwy video. As the guitars scream through the three minute long track, people in a photo studio are waiting to have their pictures snapped while digital distortion begins to play with their faces. Eyeballs slip down cheeks, VHS style burning occurs in a seemingly kaleidoscopic environment. [Stereogum]

  • The formerly too fuzzy to understand the lyrics Smith Westerns out of Chicago announced Soft Will, which will be out on Mom+ Pop Records on March 12thas well as released a new track "Varsity" today. If the band progressed exponentially between their first album and their second, "Varsity" shows an even bigger growth into the kind of boy pop that maintains it's rawness while maturing into something you would hear on stage at a huge summer festival. [Pitchfork]

  • Seattle septet Rose Windows signed to Seattle's Sub Pop last week - and released the first single from their upcoming album The Sun Dogs. "Native Dreams" is a deeply mystical journey through a desert - not exactly what you would expect from the PNW - full of deep vocals from Rabia that are matched by a flute shimmering among the psychedelic wasteland. Stream the track below, and catch their in-studio performance at KEXP here. [Brooklyn Vegan]

  • Austin via NYC four piece Feathers released a video for "Soft" from If All Now Here, which will be released in April. In blue and red lights, the four girls dance back and forth in the video for this minimal pop wonder piece. You can catch them on tour at SXSW or in New York.  [Fader]

  • You can hear a new Flaming Lips track over at NPR today - "Look... The Sun Is Rising" clatters and clanks along. After so much drama last year, the Lips' new album, The Terror, is out on April 1st. Stream at NPR.

  • The Postal Service lighten the mood around their so-serious re-issue of Give Up with a Funny or Die set. Supposedly set in 2002, the set shows "lost" footage of auditions for The Postal Service, which include performances of sorts by none other than Moby, Duff Mckagan, and Weird Al. Watch Below.

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Daily Roundups

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Daily Roundups

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