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Jim Beckmann
photos by Bebe Labree Besch (view set)

For the past 12 year, EMP's Sound Off! battle of the bands competition has helped many young artists in the Northwest realize their dreams. Quite a few -- like The Lonely Forest, Kithkin, Dyme Def, Brite Futures, Sol, Tomten, and many others -- have gone on to reach wider acclaim and even regular rotation here at KEXP. This Saturday, February 9th, the Sound Off! Semifinals begin with the first of three rounds, featuring one band we're willing to bet on: The Fame Riot. Self-described as "2 cases of anorexia and a keyboard" and led by brothers stage named Shazam and Liz Scarlett, this glammy Tacoma band pulls on more spandex, scarves, glitter and fur than a Velvet Goldmine cast member. If as they say on their Facebook page that The Fame Rion "is not a band; it's a religion", then Bowie/Rex/Mercury is their holy trinity. Check out their riotous in-studio session on Audioasis late last month and get ready for a kaleidoscopic explosion of sight and sound this Saturday at EMP:

Full Performance:

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