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Hannah Levin
Tanner Ellison

Producer and host Hannah Levin has been covering metal as a print journalist for the better part of a decade and has hosted KEXP’s local music show, Audioasis, since 2007. She fell in love with metal the first time she heard “The Trooper” by Iron Maiden, and has been unable and unwilling to shake her addiction since. Her tastes in modern metal tend towards the angular, arty and math-y, but she also has a fierce affection for the old school, particularly the artists that forged the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. When not engaging in circuitous debates about what is “true metal”, she studies pilates, writes a music column for Seattle Weekly and strives to maintain a Cookie Monster vocal-free zone.

Co-host Tanner Ellison is a digital artist and musician living and working in Seattle. He has been in love with metal since he was a little grub. Tanner has played guitar and done vocals in many terrible punk and metal bands over the years and was a guest DJ for KEXP’s punk show, Sonic Reducer. His tastes range widely from the most awesome crescendos of epic viking power metal to the dregs of the most guttural, brutal, grind your face off death metal. When not sharpening battle axes and hanging out in spooky caves, he shreds on his beat up guitar and draws pictures of dragons and space wizards.

Over the last several years, there’s been a huge influx of progressive, hard-edged artists who have synthesized punk and DIY elements with their love of classic metal, resulting in a gold rush of independent-minded bands with as much brain as brawn. Acts like Pelican, Isis, Mastadon, the Sword, Kylesa, Torche and SunnO)) are all examples of this phenomenon, as is the bumper crop of Northwest artists leading this charge, including Helms Alee, Red Fang, Madraso, Akimbo, the Valley and Mico de Noche.

S&D scours the globe for unearthed gems in all of metal’s subgenres, from thrash and grindcore to death and black metal (the later of which is definitely Tanner’s area of expertise). We also re-examine the classics, from Priest and Motorhead to Venom and Slayer. If you take your rock hard, heavy and brutal, Seek and Destroy will give you the sonic bludgeoning you’ve been craving.