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Feb. 10, 2018

8 p.m.

Dancing on the Valentine No. 13 Baby: Pixies & Breeders Tribute, Black Nite Crash, The Gods Themselves, Golden Gardens, Hotels,


Dancing on the Valentine No. 13 Baby: Pixies & Breeders Tribute

Black Nite Crash

The Gods Themselves

Golden Gardens
Golden Gardens is a Dreamgaze duo comprised of Gregg Alexander Joseph Neville and Aubrey Rachel Violet Bramble. From Seattle, Washington, USA.

Artist Biography by Michael G. Nastos
The Hotels from Seattle, WA are not to be confused with the '70s-'80s Alabama based pop/rock band of similar name. This group was formed in the mid-2000s, claiming such diverse influences as Devo, Joy Division, the Cocteau Twins, Kraftwerk, the Pixies, Stereolab, This Mortal Coil, M83, Claude Debussy, and the Yellow Magic Orchestra. Taking these cues to create power pop mixed with garage hard rock, surf music, and electronics, the band also splits time with two different lineups based in the Pacific Northwest and New York City, both led by Blake Madden. Recordings include the 2005 issue Thank You for Choosing, and Where Hearts Go Broke from 2009. Their bi-coastal bandmembers include Madden, Max Wood, Brendan Malec, Kyle Frankiewich, Rich Bennett, and Rich Spitzer. Biography by Michael G. Nastos

Jen Wood

Jupe Jupe


Pink Parts
Nicki -Vocals
Denise - Bass
Stubz- Drums
Jodi- Guitar
Miki- Guitar


Trick Candles

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