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The DIY spirit of the Northwest is what makes our artistic community so unique. As part of our commitment to supporting the sound and culture of the Northwest, KEXPUpstream Music Fest + SummitMoPOP, and The Recording Academy are partnering to offer Mastering the Hustle, a series of ongoing workshops to help emerging artists navigate the music industry.

Artist-centric programming is a cornerstone of all three organizations, and Mastering the Hustle will bring local and national industry experts straight to emerging artists, providing them with valuable information to help further their career. We want to provide emerging artist the tools and support they need to find success; however, you define it. 

Mastering the Hustle sessions include speakers from across the music industry and collaborative workshops, focused on supporting emerging artists at every level of their career, especially those interested in pursuing music at a professional level. These workshops are FREE, All Ages, and open to the public. Please note that RSVPs do not guarantee entry. Admission is subject to venue capacity and is first come, first served.

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Upcoming Workshops

KEXP Events Artist Education Gathering Space

Mastering the Hustle 12: Songwriting

2018-11-17 14:00:00

Join us in the KEXP Gathering Space as we talk with local songwriters about how they tackle their craft and how to find success in an ever-changing music industry.

Date: Nov. 17, 2018
Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Where: KEXP Gathering Space
Guest Speakers: Parisalexa (singer/songwriter) – Keynote Speaker, Hollis Wong-Wear from The Flavr Blue, Tracie Verlinde, Vice President, Creative at BMI Los Angeles (Moderator), and Mndsgn (Producer & Singer, Stones Throw Records, Akashik Records).


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Past Workshops


Workshop 1: Building Your Music Brand

In our first workshop, we invited a panel of Seattle musicians and music industry professionals to give presentations on building your music brand. Megan Tweed of Edelman and Assembly PNW Digital talked about the importance of conscious branding. All four members of the band Thunderpussy and Tacocat bassist Bree McKenna shared their firsthand experiences, both successes and pitfalls, of figuring out their bands' unique image and style. Plus, Sub Pop Records CEO Megan Jasper talked about the music business and some of Sub Pop's diverse and uniquely branded acts, as well as the label's brand itself.


Workshop 2: Your Sound and Performance

In our second workshop, we invited a panel of Seattle musicians, bookers, and engineers to discuss how artists can improve their sound and performance. Local rapper Grieves and his tour manager Colin Papworth discuss how to handle logistics of a show and how to level up your performance. Crocodile Production Manager Shaina Foley walks through the crucial advancing process and communicating with the venue. KEXP Audio Engineer Julian Martlew discusses how to best do your soundcheck and communicate with the sound person during the show. Moderator and Upstream Curator Meli Darby directs the conversation, offering insights from her own booking experiences. 



Workshop 3: Making Money in Today's Music Economy

For anyone who's played music in the past couple decades, you know how much the industry's changed and how hard it can be to generate an income from your music. However, it's not impossible. We assembled a team of experts to help shed light on how to protect your music and collect royalties. We invited a panel of industry professionals to break it down, including Member of Washington Lawyers for the Arts and IP Team Leader at Cairncross & Hempelmann Jeff Nelson, Executive Director at CASH Music Maggie Vail, and Wade Metzler who does Artist and Industry Relations at SoundExchange.


Workshop 4: Creating and Booking Shows

Live performance is one of the most immediate ways to engage with music. It helps build a bond between yourself and your fans. It can lead to life changing moments on both sides of the stage. So, how do you get booked to make it all happen? In our fourth installment of the Mastering The Hustle workshop series, we invited a panel of Seattle booking and promoting professionals to speak on the ins and outs of getting booked for a show, including Q Night Club and Upper Left Events’ Sean MajorsThe Vera Project’s Andrea Friedman, Neumos’ Evan Johnson, as well as KEXP and False Prophet’s Sharlese Metcalf – all moderated by KEXP's Morning Show host John Richards.



Workshop 5: Booking Festivals and Making Your Performance Count

Just in the Northwest alone, we’re host to numerous festivals that range from big budget productions to DIY experiences. Getting booked is a goal of many artists, but how do you make it happen? And how do you make your set memorable once you get on stage? Seattle musician Grant Eadie, who performs as Manatee Commune, kicked things off with his experiences getting booked and playing festivals. Later on, KEXP DJ Troy Nelson (who also helps book West Seattle Summer Fest) lead a panel discussion with Sasquatch! Music Festival’s Adam Zacks, Upstream Music Fest’s Meli Darby, and Capitol Hill Block Party’s Eli Anderson.



Workshop 6: Promoting Your Music and Shows

Being a successful musician, whether locally or internationally, means knowing the ins-and-outs of getting your music into the ears of the people who it will best connect with. From social media to press releases, how do you get your music from Pro Tools on your home computer to local stages and featured on blogs? Seattle songwriter and rapper Sassyblack, Sub Pop’s Manager of Social Media Content + Strategy Rachel White, BuildStrong Music and Do206’s Austin Santiago, and SoundGig Presents’ C.J. Frederick all discussed ways they’ve promoted themselves and other artists on a panel moderated by KEXP’s Greg Vandy, host of The Roadhouse.


Workshop 7: How to Survive as an Artist


In the seventh installment of the Mastering the Hustle workshop series, several Seattle-based luminaries were invited to discuss the essential component of finding ways to make more money as an artist as well as what artists can do to earn income on their way to becoming full-time creatives. Gigs4U’s Ramona Grotte, Artist Home founder Kevin Sur, The Noise Complaints Group co-founder Kit Russell, and Seattle singer/songwriter Kris Orlowski gathered to discuss various topics surrounding ways artists can better ply their trade on a panel moderated by City of Seattle Office of Arts and Culture director Randy Engstrom.


Workshop 8: Creating Safer Spaces


In the eighth installment of the Mastering the Hustle workshop series, several members of Seattle’s community convened to discuss the importance of safer spaces and what we can do to make the spaces in our city safer. S. Surface, architectural designer and curator of The Alice, Kate Becker of the Seattle Office of Film and Music, Ta Pemgrove, interim executive director for Proper Groove, Kitty Wu, co-director of 206 Zulu, and Matthew Richter of the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture gathered to discuss all aspects of safety when it comes to the spaces where members of our community assemble, and ways we can help maintain that safety.

Workshop 9: Health and Personal Care in the Music Industry


In the ninth installment of the Mastering the Hustle series, a panel of longtime music and healthcare professionals came together to discuss the pitfalls of not leading a healthy lifestyle as a musician and ways to reverse course from the habits which lead to a musician to poor physical and mental health. In a panel moderated by KEXP Morning Show host  John RichardsIan Moore of SMASHMusiCares’ Erica KrusenDr. Brenna Regan of the Bastyr Center for Natural Healthand Seattle Nature Care ClinicFaustine Hudson, drummer of the Maldives discuss their experiences, opinions, and helpful advice regarding health and self-care in an industry where both are largely considered an afterthought.

Workshop 10: Creating Safer Spaces: Sexual Harassment and the Music Industry


In the 10th installment of the Mastering the Hustle series, we continue the conversation on creating safer spaces in venues and the arts community at large, particularly in regards to sexual harassment within the music industry. Speakers include Ta Pemgrove from Proper Groove; Gretta Harley, musician and co-founder of Home Alive, Riddhi Mukhopadhyay, Legal Director at Sexual Violence Legal Services, YWCA; Theryn Kigvamasudvashti, Communications Instructor at Seattle Central College. Video coming soon.

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