Mike Fuller

Mike Fuller : Shake the Shack, Fri. 6-9PM

In 1980, Jimmy Carter was president, Mt. St. Helens erupted, the Captain & Tennille’s “Do That To Me One More Time” was at number one, and I started working at KCMU. Between then and now, I was a DJ on the fondly-remembered modern rock station, KJET, and at a chain of kids’ radio stations called KidStar. I gave up radio for a while and moved to Hollywood, where I wrote for several national TV shows, including “Love Connection” and a cool NBC program called “2Hip4TV” that starred Colin Quinn and Ahmet Zappa. I was even a sports writer for ESPN.

I keep coming back to KEXP, though, because it really is where the music matters and where they let DJs take chances that commercial radio won’t.

I love doing Shake the Shack with my cousin, Leon (we really are cousins) because it’s like having a ringside seat at the Big Bang of Rock & Roll: all that R&B, gospel, boogie woogie, country, bluegrass and blues just mixed together until…BOOOOOOM!!!

Outside of KEXP, I referee roller derby (they call me “Mike the Merciless”), love playing guitar and hanging out with my kid. I also make award-winning chocolate chip cookies.


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