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Mike Ramos


I’ve been heavy into music for as long as I can remember, but rap/hip-hop will always be the first genre I really fell in love with. Watching MTV with my older cousins probably started it, and listening to KCMU and KUBE on my Walkman definitely furthered it. When I bought my first hip-hop CD when I was in elementary school -- The Fugees’ The Score -- it was pretty much a done deal. After briefly trying out the 9-5 life, I landed a contributing gig with The Stranger’s music section last summer and started volunteering on Street Sounds at the start of 2012. I wasn’t expecting it to happen this fast, but here I am making my first actual foray into radio broadcasting by hosting the same show I’ve been listening to for years. I am beyond thrilled to be affiliated with the awesome radio entity that is KEXP, and to have the opportunity to share some quality rap and hip-hop music with both devoted and casual Street Sounds listeners. TYBG.

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