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Hannah Levin

Hannah Levin : Audioasis, Saturdays 6-9 pm

Time at station:
January 2007

I've been in the music business in one form or another for ten years, working as everything from a booking agent for local bands to a ticket taker at the Showbox, but I'm definitely happiest now in my dual role as the author of Seattle Weekly's music column, Rocket Queen, and a host of KEXP's locally-focused Audioasis show. Drawing attention to new Northwest artists working on the margins, or ones who have been historically overlooked is my primary passion, though I'm hardly an obscurest: there's nothing wrong with throwing on a Nirvana record when the mood strikes. I have a distinct proclivity for the noisier end of the sonic spectrum; blowing my hearing with harder rock, metal, and punk is apparently what I was destined to do. That said, I also have a deep affection for this area's fertile alt-country community, and can appreciate insightful singer-songwriters as much as the next sensitive gal. Furthermore, anyone unaware that the hip hop scene here is a growing force to be reckoned with simply isn't paying attention (and more importantly, is missing out). There's much to love on the local level.

Recent Recommendations from the Northwest
In the timeless category—Mark Lanegan, Gerald Collier, Unwound, Sleater-Kinney, Rusty Willoughby, Team Dresch, Jesse Sykes, the Gossip, Elliot Smith, and the Melvins.

Next big things—The Pleasureboaters, Red Fang, the Saturday Knights, the Cops, the Blakes, Lesbian, the Intelligence, the Cave Singers, and the Lights.

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