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KEXP Presents: Audioasis Community Partnership & Benefit Show 7/5

Posted: 2014-07-02 10:00:12

For quite a while now, I’ve been booking the KEXP Community Partnership Benefit Shows, but not once has one of the benefits fallen on my birthday. Well, this year I’m lucky enough to have this dream come true. So this Saturday, July 5th, I’m inviting you to come out and celebrate 36 years of my existence with me while enjoying some great music for a great cause.

I also want to mention, that 36 is such a boring age to turn. I looked up 36-years-old in Urban Dictionary (because of course, they know everything) and it says “36-years-old isn’t defined. Can you define it?”. Well, here’s my definition… The age when you realize you’re closer to 40, the over the hump mid-30 age. The age where you think about what you’ve achieved in your life and are you on the right “path” because you’re close to turning 40. Well, the cool thing about KEXP is, age doesn’t matter! It’s about the music, and that’s what this line-up is about. We’re going to dance, sing, and discover some cool local bands while supporting a great charity that also supports local bands. It’s perfect!

So, please enjoy this line-up in support of Washington Lawyers for the Arts who helps arts organizations and independent artists of all disciplines navigate the legal aspects of their art careers!

KEXP’s Audioasis Presents Hibou, USF & People Under the Sun @ Barboza 9/24

Posted: 2013-09-20 10:00:10

Every Saturday evening, I look forward to playing you some of my favorite songs. I remember discovering our Northwest music scene: I was lucky enough to stumble on a host opening on the local show at my college station, KGRG FM. I trained with the original hosts of the show a couple of times, and then I took the over. They also provided me with a couple of crates, so at least I had music to start with. Honestly, I didn’t know much work I had to do when I started! I listened to so much music, and was able to truly discover what was going on. It was a pretty exciting adventure that I still get to go on years later today.

On Tuesday, September 24th, I’ve asked some great local bands to play a show at Barboza: Hibou, USF, and People Under the Sun. I think it’s a nice mix of something special and full of discovery, and Troy and I will be spinning music before the show and in-between bands.


KEXP’s Community Partnership & Benefit Show: Rain City Rock Camp For Girls

Posted: 2013-09-12 18:05:10

Tomorrow night at Barboza, Audioasis presents Gibraltar, Dust Moth, and Wishbeard as part of KEXP’s Community Partnerships Initiative, a concert series that highlights and raises money for a local non-profit. This concert also marks the release of Wishbeard EP. This month’s featured partner is Rain City Rock Camp For Girls, a non-profit whose commitment toRead more...

Music That Matters Podcast: Party Podcast with DJ Sharlese

Posted: 2013-07-26 14:07:46

Every day I think about partying. When I eat kale, I feel like I’m partying. When I look at the lead singer of The Drums, I feel like I’m partying. When I host my radio show Audioasis, I feel like I’m partying. I basically feel like I’m partying every minute of the day. A coupleRead more...

[Listen to DJ Sharlese in the streaming archive]

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