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kexp music charts

The KEXP Northwest music chart
Week: 1/16/2015 - 1/22/2015
Rank Artist Album Label
1. Buy! The Grizzled MightyClosed Knuckle JawRed Bull Sound Select
2. Buy! Snuff ReduxToy Kingdomself-released
3. Buy! Navvi// EPself-released
4. Buy! ODESZAIn ReturnCounter
5. Buy! DreamsalonSoft StabSweet Rot
6. Buy! Chastity BeltTime To Go HomeHardly Art
7. Buy! Killer GhostIn The Forest Greenself-released
8. Buy! StagTemporary Machinesself-released
9. Buy! THEESatisfactionEarthEESub Pop
10. Buy! Father John MistyI Love You, HoneybearSub Pop

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