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The KEXP Electronic music chart for August, 1997
1. (Various) Freezone 4: Dangerous Lullibies SSR Freezone/Crammed Discs
2. Amon Tobin BricolageNinja Tune
3. Beanfield BeanfieldCompost
4. Luke Vibert Big SoupMo Wax/FFRR
5. United Future Organization 3rd PerspectiveAntilles
6. (Various) Sourcelab 3Caroline
7. (Various) Anokha: Sounds Of The Asian UndergroundQuango
8. Prodigy The Fat Of The LandMaverick/Warner Bros
9. (Various) Water CommunicationSwim
10. Snooze The Man In The ShadowSSR Freezone/Crammed Discs