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It’s important for us to take a moment from time to time and identify colleagues who have made unusually large contributions, so every 3 months we will spotlight two "People That Matter". We will focus our attention on one staff member and one volunteer.

Chris Kellogg Becky Roberts
Rischel Granquist Kari Stark
Erin Waters Alli Adamonis
Don Yates Annie Wilson
Will Myers Theresa Greene
Jim Beckmann Brandon Fitzsimons
Aubrey Bean Ann Allen
Brady Morrella Mariana Estrada
Rob Bender Sarah Lloyd
Cyrus Despres Lori Noto
Darek Mazzone Kat Metrovich
Jon Kertzer Reese Umbaugh
Kelly Hilst Marcus Woodle
Chris Kellogg Tim Betterley
Sara Green Williams Matt Ogaz
Tom Smith Justin Wilmore
Kevin Suggs Alex Ruder
Cheryl Waters Sharlese Metcalf
Timie Donlan PJ Welsh
Andrew Corey Chris Campbell
Gracie Remmington Kim Ervin
Tilly Rodina Cyrus Despres
Amy Lindsey Rachel Ratner
Jim Beckmann Lisa Shimizu
Melissa Collett Greg Vandy
Megan Dosher  

Chris Kellogg

“Wait… Chris who?

No, no, no… All kidding aside, Chris is one of the most amazing people I know.

Need someone to support your work?

Chris is selfless in support of the people around him, always willing to help where he can.

Looking for someone who you can count on to do what he says he will do?

Chris is that person.

Having a bad day, frustrated by a tough problem to solve?

Chris’s positive attitude and upbeat approach is an example for us all – though, for the sake of Chris let’s not bring to him any more problems than we already do.

When I think about the things that are great about this organization and our mission, I think of Chris.

Congratulations, we are lucky to have you Mr. Kellogg.”

“Chris represents what this station is all about. He brings it daily. His commitment to make KEXP the best station possible is evident in everything he does. He has completely rebuilt the production department, he's tackled some of the trickiest and hardest remotes we've pulled off to date and has become one of our most dynamic pitchers on the air with his ability to translate his excitement and enthusiasm to hitting our goals. His enthusiasm and professionalism is on display daily and the guy can drink any of you under the table.”

“Where Chris goes, good things happen. He brings a positive attitude and approach to KEXP's production efforts and is a joy to be around. A true road warrior to the max!”

“I have never met a person who doesn’t LOVE chris Kellogg. And if I ever do, I’ll punch
‘em. That huge smile brightens every day I work with Chris. Not only is he a gem of a human being but he’s outstanding at his job. The production department runs like a well-oiled machine with Chris at the helm. We are very lucky to have Chris as part of our team.”

Becky Roberts

“I would really really REALLY like to nominate Becky Roberts, who has been volunteering for several years on foundational projects for the evolution and growth of the station. She helped us identify the need for, and then participated in, KEXP’s Theory of Change work, and then she created, launched, analyzed, interpreted and gave recommendations on the results of the Listener Survey – she even presented the results to the Advisory Council and project managed the Survey project for us. This has been an invaluable service to the station and we wouldn’t be where we are today in terms of our preparation for the New Home Initiative or for our next Strategic Planning Process without Becky’s donation of time and expertise.”

“What a difference Becky makes in the life of KEXP!

She offers so much to the station -- and in a variety of ways. She’s part consultant, part philanthropist, part inspirer, and part just wicked smart.

Her work with me and our colleagues on understanding the nature of the impact we generate in people’s lives is pioneering, and extremely helpful.

I can just see her saying “Oh, just stop!” when she hears of this award, but let’s makes sure she doesn’t brush this off.

She exemplifies impact, and we’re lucky to have her alongside!”

“Becky Roberts makes a difference. Becky’s generosity, intelligence, experience, and passion make a huge difference for KEXP and the people we serve. Becky has helped us to better understand the impact we generate for people and her work over the last year is fruitful – it’s provided us with a groundwork to further understand the difference we make in people’s lives and to make even better decisions about how to generate more impact in their lives. Becky’s passion for KEXP and our mission makes a difference, and we are a better organization because of Becky, her generosity and her talent.”

Rischel Granquist

“So much is asked of Rischel by so many, and Rischel finds ways to give, give, and give some more. And that’s not easy. Rischel cares deeply about the people and projects she supports. For Rischel, the KEXP mission always comes first and we benefit from Rischel’s dedication and enthusiasm. Thank you, Rischel, for all you do and for who you are.”

“Rischel has proven herself to be one of KEXP's most versatile players. It's hard to say in which position she shines the most because she pours a great passion for KEXP's mission and a strong commitment to achieve quality results into everything she does. Rischel is dedicated to her teammates. When someone needs help, whether that's with understanding a complex gift that she processed, wrangling our busy board for a last minute meeting, or bringing our always finicky HVAC back in line, Rischel is committed to solving the problem. This recognition is well deserved, Rischel. Congratulations and thank you.”

“Rischel is a huge asset to KEXP. She helps me in ways too numerous to mention. Her combination of savvy, organization, and project management is simply terrific. She exemplifies grace under pressure. She makes me much better at my job. What a talent.”

Kari Stark

“Kari has been doing an outstanding job keeping the KEXP concert calendar and recommended events pages up to date with info on shows for KEXP listeners. It is a time consuming and often tedious job and she has been our unsung hero working quietly behind the scenes for many years to provide this important and useful resource for KEXP listeners and DJs. Kari is incredibly reliable, responsible and friendly and she is a huge supporter of KEXP. We know she’ll have to retire from the calendar one day but she does such a great job and is such a joy to work with, we are in denial that day will eventually come. Kari is a gem. We are very lucky to have her as part of the KEXP family.”

“Kari is one of the hardest working people around KEXP. I thought she was a full-time employee. She not only works hard for KEXP, she’s fun to work with and is one of the few who are willing/ and or brave enough to fill in on Shake the Shack if we ask her – that’s impressive. Three cheers for Kari!”

“Kari does a wonderful job with the KEXP events calendar. She tirelessly compiles and accurately edits a non-stop flow of show information from clubs and promoters, and the end result is an events calendar we can all be proud of.”

FALL '11
Erin Waters

“Erin is such a joy to work with. Her incredible work ethic has been apparent since she first started at KEXP as an intern, but it’s been amazing to see her many talents grow along with her responsibilities. She’s gracefully stepped in to make sure KEXP’s donor services run smoothly no matter what the circumstance. You can always count on her to approach every situation wearing a smile (and a pretty dress).”

“Simply put, Erin is amazing. She has demonstrated an unparalleled level of commitment, dedication and customer service in her role as Individual Giving Coordinator. Her superb people skills cannot be understated, as she is tasked daily with being the first line of contact for our numerous donors and always greets every question, concern and even the complaints with patience, care and the sweet voice and basic wardrobe style of a Disney princess character.

Erin’s contribution to The Development Department is significant. In addition to her many regular responsibilities, she has shown tremendous leadership and stepped up to help her fellow development team members in times of need. What many people don’t see is that after each drive when the office buzz slows down, the guess-o-rama winner is chosen and the congratulatory emails fade as we all go home to rest, Erin’s job is just getting going. She is quietly and diligently ensuring that credit cards get processed, thank-you gifts are sent, letters go out, records are updated and all of the hard work we do all year long is getting fulfilled.

If the DJ’s and the music are a listeners first point of contact with KEXP, then Erin is often their first point of contact as a donor, and KEXP is a stronger organization because of this. Erin has a tremendous sense of humor, is very kind, loves all things kittens and will likely someday win a Guinness Book world record for most vintage belts owned by one human. And I consider myself lucky to be her co-worker and friend.”

“Erin always treats every donor, co-worker, volunteer, etc. with incredible kindness and respect. She is one of the most dedicated and hardest workers I know, working long hours to make sure that all tasks are completed accurately. Erin’s positive attitude regardless of the task at hand motivates and elevates the entire team throughout the day and I am lucky to have her as a mentor. I have learned so much from her and am truly honored to work next to her every day!”

Alli Adamonis

“Alli has become an invaluable part of the Development Team. Since starting with our team almost a year ago, she has proven to be motivated, a delight to work with, capable of any task thrown at her, and smart beyond her years. From my first meeting with her it’s been obvious that she is destined for great things and I feel that it’s been a privilege just to be a stop on her journey to greatness. She has been an amazing addition to KEXP this past year and I’m certain we will hear more great things from Alli’s contributions to our community in the future.”

“Alli is very bright, understands directions well, finishes work quickly and very thoroughly, and is always willing to lend a hand with all kinds of tasks. She's been invaluable to the Development team.”

“Alli has been an absolute lifesaver for the Development Dept. Enjoyable to work with, and a quick learner who is always ready to take on all the myriad tasks that come her way, Alli has provided an amazing amount of support to our department, both as an intern, and now helping us part-time. Alli demonstrates a true passion for music, always coming in each day with stories of shows she attended (which I can live vicariously through!), as well as being involved with many KEXP events and the Vera Project. I’ve seen her forge many friendships during her time here at KEXP, which is a great reflection of the impact she has made station-wide. We feel so lucky to have Alli as a part of our team!”

Don Yates (aka Don Slack)

“Don may or may not know this but we refer to him as KEXP’s secret weapon. He has the best music ear in radio, he has a very fair and direct view of programming and the station and he’s been the rock solid center of programming for…I don’t know, 40 or 50 years or something.”

“If it weren't for don yates i would have never become a radio dj..20 + years ago he solicited me, hired me, supported me, defended me and befriended me. don yates is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life....
wait.. that last part ..ummmm..i don't know what made me say that.....that first part all truth. with love and full gratitude.”

“Don is KEXP's "secret weapon." As KEXP's Music Director Don has helped shape listener's musical tastes worldwide--more than people will ever know. It's inspiring to witness Don's love for music played out in his shaping of KEXP's sound and how he approaches each new album unbiased, giving it a fair listen. It's also inspiring every Monday morning to hear about all the bands Don saw over the weekend and how hard he partied. I'm a card carrying member of the Dontourage!”

Annie Wilson

“I am choosing Annie because she is very personable and knowledgeable at the Front Desk. Her hospitality for the bands is top notch. From where I sit I can hear and see it all. Annie gives the bands a very warm welcome and you can see they immediately feel comfortable. She interacts with staff like she has been here full time for years. And she brings treats. ;)

“I first met Annie a few years ago, but have only had the opportunity to really get to know and work with her over the last year. She constantly impresses me with the mountains of hours she puts in, her effectiveness with everything she does, her endless friendliness and charm, and her ability to make everyone who enters the building feel like a VIP. She also has a wicked sense of humor and makes me just hang out at the front desk with her all day. Congratulations Annie! KEXP is lucky to have you.”

“Annie is an enthusiastic volunteer. She provides a personable and outgoing presence each week at the front desk and is quick to take on a variety of tasks from cleaning the kitchen to updating the volunteer manual. Annie provides top notch hospitality for our musical guests. I can count on Annie to be proactive with problem solving and she does a great job of keeping me up to speed on supplies, different issues that might arise at front desk and other office issues. I am lucky to have Annie at the front desk!”

Will Myers (aka DJ Chilly)

“Chilly is the ultimate utility player. The man does top notch production, did a great variety show for years, has filled in on just about everyone’s show and now hosts our new show El Sonido. He totally represents KEXP in his laid back friendly manner while always getting the job done, no matter what that job is. He makes this station better every day he is here.”

“Chilly is the definition of what it means to be a team player! He’s extremely reliable, his work is always top notch, and when Chilly’s tasked with something, you know it’s going to get done and get done right. Chilly is KEXP. It’s almost like Chilly was put on this earth to share music with people and to enrich their lives. The world is a better place because Chilly is in it, and we are incredibly lucky to have him on our team.”

“Sweet cupcake will is the lazer lion. the versatility and badassness of his dj skills are totally mind blowing. his artistry as a producer consistently makes me go “whoa – that was so effing cool.” also, he is really one of the kindest and completely normal totally insane people i know. i miss him when he is out of the office, and i can only hope to be fortunate enough to get to go on limo rides and drink cristal with him and his hot bodybuilder lady bodyguards as part of his badass posse in the future. long live voltron.”

“Chilly is very talented and admirably humble. He's a talented producer, writer, programmer and host.Over the years I've seen him get better and better, all the while enjoying the music. Such a great person to be around, he will go far. His new show El Sonido is well-deserved and it's great to see him named Employee of The Quarter.”

“Chilly is my OG. He showed me the ropes and under his watchful eye I became the man I am today. His positivity and can-do attitude is absolutely infectious, and KEXP is a far better place because he is here! Viva El Sonido!”

“When I first started at KCMU (a few months before KEXP) Will introduced himself to me and offered to help with the playlist, etc for my show. He never missed a show for 8 (?) years. He volunteered with me, then started doing production and made himself indispensable around KEXP. Whenever we needed something, we all knew Chilly could and would do it: with a smile and his always positive attitude. He waited for his opportunity at KEXP and now he's got a show, and all of our respect. Because he's one of the best DJs, recorder, and producer we got!”

Theresa Greene

“Theresa is an especially capable volunteer. I appreciate her unruffled demeanor and her problem solving at reception. She a regularly seeks out additional opportunities to contribute and looks for appropriate ways to stay productive. With Theresa at the front desk, I feel comfortable being away at from the office and knowing all will be well.”

“Theresa Greene is one of my favorite KEXP Volunteers because she has such a positive "can-do" attitude, is so friendly to both staff AND volunteers, and wears some of the coolest outfits at the station! I'm thrilled to see her receive this award!”

“Theresa has been reliable, trustworthy and efficient with any and all tasks assigned to her. She takes initiative and is also just a really nice person. It’s been wonderful having Theresa here at KEXP.”

Jim Beckmann

“Jim’s excitement and passion for KEXP’s mission is an inspiration. This is evident in both Jim’s work ethic and in the quality of the work he is responsible for. Thanks to Jim’s vision and management, KEXP’s online presence continues to lead the pack through the KEXP Blog and extraordinary live performance videos. The number of views at KEXP’s YouTube channel serves as a clear assessment of what Jim has done for the KEXP community - 14,025,961 views and growing every day!!! Jim is someone you can depend on, he is always willing to lend a hand, he is an incredible co-worker and a friend to everyone at KEXP. Congratulations, Jim! ”

“Jim is an invaluable resource to KEXP. His passion for music and his ability to find great new bands is a huge asset to KEXP. His unflagging devotion to curating the best possible online experience for KEXP listeners is a gift we should be thankful for everyday. From our outstanding blog, to the hundreds of riveting one-of-a-kind in studio videos to the multitude of amazing band photos we’ve accumulated thanks to his hard work we all owe Jim a huge thank you. He has a passion for music that is hard to match. We are so lucky to have him at KEXP.”

“Without saying or acknowledging it, Jim is very quietly at the heart of what KEXP stands for. He appreciates music for what it is and can be, and maintains a vast knowledge he’ll share with anyone without ever seeming self important or overly erudite. He also may be one of the few folks around that would use a word like erudite without looking it up, which I had to. Basically one of the best co-workers around.”

“Jim has the perfect balance of creativity, reliability and dedication which results in him never dropping the ball and always getting the best article, picture or video.”

Brandon Fitzsimons

“Brandon has been extremely dedicated to the live performance
archiving work from the time he started interning with KEXP. He has
also shown great initiative to learn as much as he can as an intern,
including board-oping for in-studios. Brandon brings an amazingly
positive attitude and approach to everything he does, and he is a true
pleasure to have at the station.”

“Brandon has a perpetually great attitude and is always willing to help out. He’s super knowledgeable and a joy to work with, plus he has a sweet hairdo.”

“I love having Brandon involved with KEXP. I don’t work with him directly, but just seeing him around the building and chatting with him every once in a while puts a positive spin on my day. I think he has that effect on everyone else around here too. This award is very deserved. Congratulations!”

“He is a very nice chap and is fun to talk to. Always willing to pitch in and lend a hand. Great guy.”

FALL '10
Aubrey Bean

“Aubrey is always a pleasure to work with, provides thoughtful, supportive insight, and is always willing to chip in and help where needed.”

“Aubrey is one of my biggest inspirations at the station for how hard working and dedicated she is but also how much she puts into her job while not letting her own health issues get in the way. Just seeing her in the building inspires me to work harder and do better. She always puts her co-workers and the members at the forefront of her mind. We are very lucky to have Aubrey at KEXP and she has very much earned being recognized by her colleagues!”

“Aubrey’s passion for the station is evident in everything she does, every letter she writes, and every drive-time pep talk she gives. She’s a brilliant fundraiser and an even better co-worker. She’s a true inspiration and a joy to work with, and I’m so grateful to have her in the KEXP family.”

“Aubrey is such a true asset to the development department! I am always in awe of the knowledge she brings to the table, as well as her positive attitude, and calm and collective demeanor in the case of the little daily crises that can come up in the office from time to time. Aubrey is a joy to work with and I’m so happy to be on a team with her!”

Ann Allen

“It’s always a pleasure to see Ann’s smiling face at the station! Her passion for music and for KEXP is evident in all of her work, from DJ assisting to helping with the drives to working at events. It’s the work of dedicated volunteers like Ann that make KEXP what it is--a true community of music lovers.”

“I love working with Anne! She always has a bright attitude, is eager to help wherever she can, and is so friendly. She is a great representative of KEXP at our events!”

“She's great! :) ann always comes to the station with a bright, sunny, can-do attitude, and is such a joy to work with. she's also quick to cover shifts for other volunteers, helps out during pledge drives, and at events. we're thrilled and grateful to have her around!”

“Ann Allen is the BESTEST! She is always so cheerful, and pitches in on absolutely any job that needs doing. Combined with her smarts and competency at whatever she works on, she is one invaluable asset to KEXP.”

Brady Morrella

"Brady is really the face of KEXP out in the community, tirelessly wrestling with our battered tent to make sure we have a great presence at events. He seems to have a hand in tons of projects at the station, working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly. He's great at making sure our volunteers have a great experience, and he works hard to make them all feel welcome and appreciated. He's a go-to guy and a real pleasure to work with (and he's easily KEXP's snappiest dresser!)."

"Brady is one of the first people that I got to meet when beginning as an intern at KEXP, and made for a great introduction to the station, as he was extremely welcoming with such a positive and upbeat attitude. He has always been such a friendly and kind face at the station, and I am always so appreciative of his eagerness to help whenever possible!"

"Brady is an outstanding member of the admin team. He is also the best dressed. He’s hard working, thoughtful, polite, and reliable and a pleasure to work with."

Mariana Estrada

“Mariana is consistently willing to jump in and help with whatever's needed around the station. Her unbounding enthusiasm for the most menial of tasks is inspiring to everyone around her, and we're sad that she's leaving us. But she'll take that enthusiasm wherever she goes, and keep making all around her smile.”

“Mariana is both an amazing intern and person. Not only did she come to a new city in a new country -- something many of us would never do alone -- to fulfill her dream of working with her favorite radio station, but she was always willing to help with any task no matter how small. Every day! I could never keep up with her desire to do more! Mariana's boundless enthusiasm and generosity serve as a reminder to us all why we continue to give so much of our own lives to follow our own passion for music and for KEXP.”

Rob Bender

Rob "Rob Bender is hardcore KEXP! ...and probably listens to the station more than anyone I know. He was punk rock before you were (he bought the very first X album the week it was released). More relevant here though are Rob's terrific sales chops. He has developed many strong relationships with local business leaders that are at the foundation of KEXP's Underwriting program. Rob is also a natural role model for the team and I have learned much from him over the years - including the proper use of many four letter words. Seriously, KEXP's Business Support program would not have achieved much of its success to date were it not for Rob's significant contributions."

"Rob's a true professional. His work ethic, drive and determination are all huge assets to KEXP, and he's been a great mentor to me in my first year here. Plus, he's hilarious and plays a mean set of air drums."

"Rob is a valued colleague, who advocates for his clients while keeping KEXP's goals at the forefront of his negotiations. His outstanding fundraising results are commendable and admirable .He develops great relationships, and is always fun to chat with in the kitchen. Congratulations, Rob!"

"Rob's great -- one of my favorite people to deal with at KEXP. When it's business time, Rob cuts through the garbage and gets it done, and during between times he's a hoot."
Sarah Lloyd

Sarah "Sarah Lloyd is an ideal volunteer and asset for KEXP: interested, willing to learn, intelligent, knowledgeable, communicative, efficiency-driven, and has a great positive attitude. She is far and away the best Traffic Intern KEXP has seen. Congratulations, and thanks Sarah!"

"Sarah Lloyd is hard-working, enthusiastic and always eager to help out when needed. She's a pleasure to be around."

"Congratulations Sarah! Your willingness to go the extra mile and then some is certainly appreciated. Stay colorful and bright!"

Cyrus Despres

"Maniacally methodical. Devilishly detailed. Radically well-researched. Incessantly polite in his perpetual nagging. In an organization full of incredibly busy people being yanked in a million different directions, he keeps us consistently on goal, on target, and on track. He re-works our old methodology for vast improvements, and finds new and better ways for us to move forward. A man tasked with myriad thankless tasks, he does it all with grace under pressure, snack attacks, and terrible, terrible jokes. I enjoy working with him every day, but don't tell him I said that as he'll use it against me."

“Cyrus is awesome. We agree, we disagree, but he ALWAYS does quality work. Even after hours of squabbling with Sara, sibling like silliness with Rachel, rapping with Nate or harmonizing with Andrew - he is still able to meet or exceed expectations. In 2009, while my attention was honed in on my brand new baby boy, Cyrus took the reins of the annual budget and skillfully took the organization to new heights of fiscal planning and management. He brought new tools, patience, and focus. He rules, and I'm grateful to have him as a co-worker.”

“Cyrus is the kind of person and professional that you always want on your team. Whether the challenge is large or small, the request is simple or complex, Cyrus demonstrates an interest and an ability to work with you to find a solution. Passion, skill, creativity, enthusiasm, logic, honesty, dedication, humor. Those are all qualities that come to mind when I think about Cyrus. What a positive force in this organization and we are lucky to have him.”
Lori Noto

“Lori is one of the most enthusiastic and passionate people I know. She is always ready to jump in on anything that needs to be done, and her excitement about the goings-on at KEXP never fails to enthuse everyone around her.”

“Lori Noto is a long-time, super-special volunteer for KEXP. Not only does she volunteer for multiple shifts for each membership drive, including serving in the high-pressure tally position during The Afternoon Show on the last day of the drive, she also uses her unique talents to help the station in its work to execute the New Home Initiative of the Strategic Plan. Using her expertise, both as an architect and a project manager for hotel design and construction, she offered her services to provide guidance and counsel on the architect selection process - writing the Request for Proposals, interviewing candidates, serving on the volunteer Building Committee and helping to craft the final visioning report to the Governing Board. Her work was absolutely critical to the successful completion of this important first step in this strategic initiative.”

“Lori contributes to KEXP in so many ways - she's a tireless advocate for KEXP in the community, a real source of energy and enthusiasm during the Membership Drives, and a pleasure to have at the station. Her passion for music, for people, and for KEXP is truly inspiring! We're so lucky to have Lori in the KEXP community.”

“Lori makes KEXP better. First, she has an amazing work ethic that she generously applies in a variety of ways at the station, from tallying pledges to helping shape our new home. Her energy is infectious and, paired with her deadly sense of humor, it spurs the rest of us. Her savvy is super sharp and her counsel is immensely helpful. How fortunate we are!”

“Lori brings a high level of passion, professionalism, and experience to her volunteer work at KEXP and has been invaluable in guiding and inspiring us on the beginning phases of building our new home!”

FALL '09
Darek Mazzone

“Darek Mazzone truly embodies what KEXP is all about. His breadth of music knowledge is mind-blowing to say the least! Darek's willingness to help others is extremely admirable, and his easy going attitude and truly positive outlook make him a pleasure to be around, both as a co-worker and a friend. This award is well deserved!!! Congratulations, Darek!!!”

“Darek is one of the most important people on the programming team. He is an amazing DJ both on the mic and with his music, his knowledge of the music, the artist, the geography, the culture...really every aspect of what he's playing is evident every show he puts together. Darek is also a great champion of the station on the air and in the clubs and events he curates and attends all over the world. We are very lucky to have such a valuable person on our team. Not to mention that he's a kick ass friend and a hell of a parent.”

“Darek tirelessly brings his vision for a new world to all his work at KEXP. His efforts are cultivating a deeper understanding to mankind and this recognition could one day be surpassed by the Nobel Peace Prize. And, who could not appreciate the sense of humor he brings to this global vision?”

Kat Metrovich

“Kat has been of enormous help to me, not only at Front Desk, but with CD deliveries around town. Especially with me less than mobile during the initial push for the CD, I really counted on Kat to get CDs where they needed to go. She takes the initiative to do extra things around the building, going the extra step cleaning the kitchen, organizing supplies, etc.

“Kat has continued to regularly volunteer at the front desk and has also jumped in to help out with Volume 5 distribution in a big way. She is an amazing utility volunteer in a lot of ways, whether working the tent at a festival, tabling a show around town, or helping me shop for the volunteer appreciation party. Her love for the station shines through and she is always looking for new ways to promote the station and to save money. Always ready to step in and help, no matter what the task!”

Jon Kertzer

Jon’s a great example of KEXP’s mission in action. His drive to enrich the lives of our listeners through sharing his love for the music of Africa and beyond is an inspiration to us all. The world is a better place because of Jon’s global music advocacy. Gadda ge!

Considering all the musically knowledgeable folks at KEXP, Jon may be the most knowledgeable of all. He truly is an amazing musical resource for the station and its listeners, and I'm grateful he's here to share his knowledge and passion for music on KEXP.

You can't talk about KCMU and KEXP without Jon's name. Not only is he a part of the rich history of this radio station but he's responsible for so many positive things that have happened to the station. He shows that the music truly comes first and his passion for that music is shown not only through his mix on the air but the many relationships he's fostered and his forward thinking about what 90.3 FM is capable of. Simply put, without Jon Kertzer, there is no KEXP. We are all lucky to have him here now, in the past and moving forward into the future.

If you were to dust KEXP's history for prints, you would find Jon's fingerprints all over it. Jon is a big part of our lives at KEXP, and he has been for more than 20 years. As founder of our global music radio programs -- The Best Ambiance and Wo'Pop -- he has pioneered African and world music on KEXP and is primarily responsible for enabling KEXP to bring global music into our listener's lives for so many years. With his amazingly strong connection to the music community and his countless relationships all over the globe, he has unceasingly championed the station wherever he worked or traveled, from Smithsonian Global Sound to Microsoft, and from Africa to Europe. He is, quite simply, a tireless champion of music and KEXP. And his colleagues at KEXP continue to be inspired by him.

Reese Umbaugh

Reese is one of KEXP's finest! He works hard and is 100% pleasure. KEXP is lucky to have him and his work is incredibly appreciated and loved. Well deserved!

Acknowledgement of Reese's contributions as an intern are long overdue. Reliable, competent, diligent, and independent barely describe his efforts with the online and podcasting team. Even with all of the great interns at KEXP, Reese's consistent dedication truly makes him stand out among the rest. He's the best kind of intern anyone can hope for!

Kelly Hilst

Kelly is one of the hardest-working, most passionate people we could have the opportunity to work with. She's always on top of things, and is constantly thinking about how we can improve what we're doing.

Kelly is an amazingly organized, even-tempered and effective colleague. She is always willing to lend a hand and makes every effort to improve the Development Team's processes and tools. She has greatly improved the events that the station has hosted for its most generous donors, and takes pride in putting on a good party. Her work during the first part of 2009 to help support Aubrey and Chris was phenomenal as she organized KEXP's staff support efforts. She also happily lent a hand in whatever needed to be accomplished while Aubrey was on leave. She is a team player in every sense of the word, and KEXP is lucky to have her in the family.

Kelly is such an organized, pleasant, considerate, and friendly person to work with. She has a real knack for anticipating the needs of the station and her department. I am constantly impressed by her follow-through and professionalism and know that I can always rely on her.

Marcus Woodle

Marcus's continued enthusiasm -- always a great attitude -- and dedication -- 40+ hours/week -- to different aspects of KEXP makes him an ideal volunteer. This is well deserved.

Marcus possesses a genuine curiosity about the details of business development which I find refreshing. Along with, he's always excited and willing to help out in a pinch.

Marcus is a true radio person, he doesn't seem to want to leave KEXP, even to go home and sleep. In addition to a full week of helping the underwriting guys - he makes compilations and burns for me as part of my programming team. Great guy...

Chris Kellogg

Chris is one of the most amazing and positive people I know. In 2008, Chris was instrumental in launching our unprecedented programming partnership with Radio New York and he has skillfully produced the New York programs ever since. The station and our listeners benefit everyday from Chris's incredible work ethic and personality. KEXP is a better place because of Chris Kellogg.

I could go on for ages about how awesome Chris is, but basically, I feel SO lucky to get to work with him. He tackles his job with such a positive attitude, and approaches everything with total enthusiasm. I am so grateful to have him on our team!

Chris may be one of the most hard working and talented people here at the station. Oh, and as a bonus, he just so happens to be one of the nicest individuals I've come across in a long time.

I'm confident that all of us who work with him would say we know that Chris always has our back, which in turn inspires all of us to make sure we do the same for him and each other. Not to mention, that he's just a totally right on dude. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work with him, learn from him and get to know him as a member of Team New York, the greater KEXP family, and as a friend.

Tim Betterley

I cannot express enough the spirit and dedication Tim brings to KEXP. His positive and friendly attitude mixed with his willingness to learn and try anything have been a great asset to the Events department at KEXP. Tim has jumped in with both feet in booking and wrangling bands for the shows we've done and trusted me to throw him in many a challenging situation in which he has always risen to the occasion. Congratulations Tim! You deserve this more than anyone!

FALL '08
Sara Green Williams

Sara's "can do" attitude is a huge asset. While I suspect she's pointing a pistol at me whenever I'm not looking, she's always willing to pull a rabbit out of her hat. I appreciate that greatly and will work hard to not give her reasons to point a pistol at me. Her humor and smarts are a powerful combination! Well-deserved!

Sara fills a thankless role at KEXP, and she does it with passion, precision and pride in her work. I've had the opportunity to work closely with her on a number of projects that have proven this to me over the past 3 years. We joke that I'm like the younger brother that wished she never had. And, well, I guess that makes her the older sister that I wish I never had. Except, the truth of the matter is that I value Sara not only as an important team member here at KEXP, but also as a friend. Whether it's hearing all about the great culture (and hairstyles) I missed out on or getting some much-needed perspective on a work project, I have been blessed with having access to her deep wisdom and sinister wit. To update a statement I once sent you in an email, Sara, ‘You are the greatest. I still love (not hate) you, though.’ Thanks for being here!

Matt Ogaz

Matt's smile and willingness to help out everywhere makes him a complete pleasure and great addition to the KEXP family!.

Excellent. Matt is a cool, calm, and collected individual. He's smart as a whip, reliable and a great asset to the station.

Matt is a very smart individual who has become valuable at KEXP in many ways, from reducing inefficiencies in underwriting reporting to being a knowledgeable production lead during live remotes. Good work gets done when he's involved!

Matthew's skill and attention to detail (not to mention a commitment to some seriously boring statistics) has provided the Underwriting Department with some pretty nifty data and reporting tools that will help substantially with KEXP's revenue strategy, now and in the coming months and years.

Tom Smith

"Tom has transformed our department into a lean, mean, underwriting machine. With his love of detailed reports, he has encouraged us to look at how we work in a new way that will create efficiency, greater success, and increased revenue. He is a leader that advocates for his department, while keeping in mind the big-picture of the station. He is approachable and always willing to give his advice. Despite his love of the band 'Rush', Tom is the right person to lead the Underwriting department into the future."

Justin Wilmore

"Justin has been a volunteer at KEXP for the past two years. He got his start as a DJ Assistant for the mid-day show, transitioned into becoming our programming intern and is now an integral member of the KEXP team!"

"We have a lot of volunteers at KEXP and so many of them are great, but very few stand out like Justin Wilmore. Not only is he incredibly reliable and competent, but I'm not sure that there's anything at the station that he can't do. I have yet to see it. Add this to his always positive personality and it's a no-brainer why we at KEXP would want him hanging around even more."

Kevin Suggs

"Kevin Suggs is an all around awesome human being. He's an extraordinary engineer. Not only does he make the KEXP in studios sound amazing (both in Seattle and on remote locations) but his calm and welcoming demeanor puts everyone at ease, even in the most stressful of situations. And, he's the nicest darn fellow you could ever know. Everyone should be blessed with a Kevin Suggs in their life. My life is richer for knowing and working with him."

"Kevin is a pro's pro. He's got the ears and the technical skills to make KEXP live performances sound amazing. But that's only half the job. He's also got the ability to handle any kind of personality that walks through that door. And not just handle - he makes people feel good about being at the station and making music live to broadcast. Personally, I just enjoy working with him. KEXP is lucky to have Kevin Suggs behind the board."
Alex Ruder

"Alex has been an invaluable part of the KEXP music review team the past few years. He's done an especially fine job of highlighting worthwhile music that's off the beaten path."

"Alex has been a programming intern for the Monday edition of Afternoon Show for three years. During that time he has applied his dedication and love for music benefiting listeners world wide through his insightful playlist comments and speedy responses to e-mail. He’s brought an open mind to the exploration of new music, both in his own quest, but also advocating quality music of the unheard! It is wonderful to experience the growth of our intern/volunteers, and after three years of filing CDs it is safe to say Alex has learned the alphabet, which makes him qualified to now be a DJ! Congratulations!!."

Cheryl Waters
Mid-Day Show Host/ On Air Events Coordinator

As one of KEXP’s primetime DJs, midday host Cheryl Waters needs little introduction. We all know about her deep love for music and dark chocolate—she brings it to the airwaves every day. Most know Cheryl plays a key role in KEXP’s financial well being, being John Richard’s “pitch” partner during our pledge drives. Being on the air 8 hours a day with John during the pledge drives is grueling mind numbing work, but Cheryl does it with a smile, sacrificing her sanity, well being, and even her dignity for the station (no one else would cluck like a chicken for pledges!). What you might not know about Cheryl is the work she does behind the scenes as KEXP’s coordinator of in-studio performances. In 2007 over 400 bands played live on the air at KEXP. Each and every one of these performances is a mini miracle in execution. Imagine how hard it is to coordinate details with touring artists and bands. When, where, how many songs, what kind of equipment is needed, what color guitar Britt has to have, booking an engineer, and making sure bands know they can’t swear on the air, etc. Cheryl sets up all these in-studios with the patience of a saint. She also sets up all of KEXP’s VIP Club performances at the Triple Door, helps book bands for events like the KEXP BBQ, as well as handling the details of our many remote broadcasts. Thank God for Blackberries and thank God for Cheryl Waters!

"Cheryl is as sweet and multi-talented as her drawer full of chocolate. Her multi-tasking goes as far as booking bands for instudios while on the air to sending emails while soaking in a bubble bath to booking bands sending emails soaking in a bubble bath while doing her show... A powerful and tenacious partner- she's definitely my go-to gal for booking events and scoring some chocolate."
Sharlese Metcalf
Assistant Producer of Audioasis

"Since joining the Audioasis team Sharlese has shown her love for local music in every way possible. From filling in on the show, to booking in-studios, putting out the email playlist, helping out on High Dive events and making sure every DJ and guest is taken care of, Sharlese goes above and beyond every day and every show to make sure its the best possible. We've been lucky to have her join the programming team! "

"Sharlese has been a volunteer for KEXP for the past 3 years. She got her start volunteering in the production department, dabbled in some DJ assisting, ran the boards during our live in-studio performances and now is the Assistant Producer of Audioasis. She volunteers at KEXP an average of 20 hours a week, every week! Her passion for local music, creativity, and drive to support the station has made Sharlese the hands down pick for volunteer of the quarter.

FALL '07
Timie Dolan
Assistant Marketing Manager

Timie has moved into overseeing and managing KEXP’s sponsorship efforts which have grown significantly in the past years. Good examples of that growth are represented in several large events that have become important community sponsorships for KEXP. Timie has done a stellar job negotiating sponsorship packages for events such as Sasquatch, the Capital Hill Block Party, Bumbershoot and Musicfest Northwest. Bumbershoot, in particular, requires endless hours of planning, prepping, setting up booths, wrangling volunteers, and a zillion other important logistics in order to pull off one of the most remarkable sponsorships.

Additionally, I rely on Timie to help shape the look and feel of KEXP’s marketing message. Her sharp sense of humor, fresh perspective, eye to detail and organization are invaluable attributes.

Let’s not forget to take a moment to thank Timie for her tireless efforts to secure staff tickets so that we can all see the shows we want to on a regular basis. We are lucky to have her!”
PJ Welsh
KEXP Volunteer

“PJ represents all that is great about KEXP. She has been a dedicated front desk volunteer for as long as we can remember. She's dependable, hard working, dedicated, enthusiastic, friendly and a joy to have around the station. Here's what some of her co-workers have to say:

"PJ is an important and valued member of the KEXP volunteer team. She brightens the place each time she comes to staff the front desk. I appreciate her depth of knowledge about front desk processes and procedures. I can always depend on her to know the answers to my questions. "

P.J. is the absolute best. She stays cool under pressure and keeps the place running like a top. She does get a little testy when I forget to bring back her iced mocha in the afternoon."

Andrew Corey
Programming Coordinator

“It takes a lot of people behind the scenes to make a radio station rock, and without Andrew Corey, we’d be in deep trouble. Andrew began working at KEXP as an intern while finishing his Masters at the UW. After graduation, Andrew, thankfully, kept volunteering, and proved himself invaluable. The result: Andy became KEXP’s first Online Content Coordinator –managing our podcasts and launching the KEXP Blog. Two months ago Andrew was named to a new position – Programming Coordinator. In this job, Andy coordinates the operations of the Programming Department, helping us improve our ability to work together as an organization enriching listeners' lives and connecting listeners with music! Andy pumps up the volume, bringing his dedication and meticulous attention to detail while working superhuman hours to launch new initiatives, both within the station and with other partners, eliminating thrash in his path, and creating processes which are turning KEXP Programming into a hot rockin’ machine.

Andrew shows incredible dedication not only to KEXP but to music and to public radio. He’s been a champion of the station from the first day he arrived, and KEXP is incredibly lucky to have him. Andy is a golden god.”
Gracie Remmington
KEXP Volunteer

“Gracie started interning the summer after her sophomore year of high school, in July of 2005. Shortly after starting at KEXP she started working as a programming intern for the Morning Show. From the get go, she became one of the most reliable, motivated, helpful and sarcastic interns KEXP has ever seen. It's hard to believe that she's not even 18 years old - it says a lot about Gracie's future! In her years here at KEXP she has always gotten here early (to the Morning Show - that means 4:45AM!), is very knowledgeable of the music and the programming of KEXP, and able to dodge a crazed stalker at the crack of dawn. Gracie can't be replaced, she's too good! We are, however, comforted in the knowledge that she has a little sister that will hopefully be joining the KEXP programming team ASAP.

Gracie was a senior at Lakeside High School, worked at the Northwest Film Forum,AND is off to Princeton after her travels in Europe.

We all wish you luck at Princeton, Gracie, and will always have your back! Once you get your degree AND get into shows that are over 21, you'll truly be unstoppable”

Chris Campbell
KEXP Volunteer

“Chris Campbell started interning with KEXP's marketing department in February of 2005, having already been a long time listener and a 500 club member of the station.

Chris has been invaluable to our marketing efforts and in his two years here he's helped to develop our sponsorship posse force, used his extensive graphic and computer skills, and proven to be a champion at assembling our bright yellow KEXP promotions canopy, whom he refers to as "Katy."

In addition to graduating from the UW's business school this June, Chris' interests include graphic design, crappy mustaches, his vinyl collection and DJing under the moniker, "DJ Ten Pounds of Gravy." Chris is also a talented writer and his work is featured bi-weekly on KEXP's "Press and Promotions Highlights" email blasts (my favorite of which celebrates National Tuba Day...May 4th if you don't already know). Chris is one of the funniest, most stylish and most loyal people walking around the halls of KEXP each week. He is moving on this summer to a position with Creature ad agency, but has promised to return from time to time.....and a good thing for us because his talent, ultra slimming pants and quick wit will be missed.”

Kim Ervin
Membership Assistant

In her short time in the development profession, Kim Ervin has shown an outstanding ability to learn and understand her role within KEXP’s development office. Kim’s conscientiousness, her eagerness to learn, her thoughtful customer service, and her ability to assimilate information and quickly act on it make her an invaluable member of the KEXP staff. She is best known for keeping a positive attitude during pledge drives, when she typically logs more hours than any other staff person.

In her 1.5 years at the station, Kim has shown that she has a keen ability to creatively and strategically solve problems and improve processes. These skills are invaluable in her role working with detailed data that is crucial to the station’s business operations.

Kim is sure to answer donors’ questions with thorough, tactful, gracious answers, and to enthusiastically thank donors who make gifts or show appreciation for KEXP’s programming and services. Because stewarding donors for their support is especially important in garnering future gifts, Kim’s many efforts are central to KEXP’s successful fundraising program.

Those who work with Kim find it a pleasure to work with such a bright woman who takes pride in being a great a team player.
Tilly Rodina
KEXP Volunteer

Tilly Rodina has been a tireless volunteer for KEXP since May 2006. Always willing to lend a hand and get the job done, Tilly’s good works have benefited nearly every department at one time or another.

Tilly began her volunteer career at KEXP answering phones for the membership drive. Her enthusiasm for the station was palpable so we quickly recruited her to train as a DJ assistant. She took to it like a moth to the flame and has been assisting Kevin's show on Wednesdays ever since. Her professionalism, combined with her love of music has made her one of the core members of the programming volunteer team.

As if that weren’t enough, Tilly also volunteers her skills in KEXP’s Development Department as the Major Giving Intern. With volunteer commitments of 25 hours per week, it’s no wonder she logged 377 volunteer hours in the past six months alone!

Volunteers and staffers alike, consistently mention Tilly’s amazing organizational skills and her close attention to detail. Whether researching information for the Playlist or choosing the menu for a major donor event, Tilly understands that the little things really go far in making our listeners’ and supporters’ experiences with KEXP more pleasing and interesting. Her supervisors could always rest easy, knowing that Tilly takes pride in doing her work well and in helping others successfully execute their own work.

For these reasons and many more, we are delighted that Tilly has joined the Development Team as its Annual Giving and Events Coordinator. She will certainly have a positive impact on the station’s ability to develop an even better Individual Giving Program.
Cyrus Despres
Systems Coordinator

Cyrus started here in the internship no one wanted — Admin. We quickly stuck him on every project that needed help. No matter what it was, he was able to tackle it. We try to keep him in Admin, but everyone wants to steal him. This is the reason he is Employee of the Quarter – every department but Marketing has had a chance to borrow him and is singing his praises. He has gone over and above the call of duty working with Memsys, Allegiance, DAR, Lockbox, Webstore set up, online CD sales, the Electronic Log upgrade & training, HR & Admin projects... the list could probably go on and on. We want to thank him for all of his greatness, even though we know we'll never hear the end of it.

And if those Marketing people are getting any ideas, they’d better not even think about it.
Amy Lindsey
KEXP Volunteer

Amy Lindsey has volunteered more hours than any other volunteer at KEXP in 2006. She takes an idea and makes it a reality with her hard work and passion for the station.

Seemingly without effort, Amy organized KEXP's Ballard Day in October, 2006 and helped make this inaugural event a total success. She coordinated KEXP's John In The Morning New Year’s Weekend Bender - juggling artists, hospitality, decorations, and tedious details. And somehow we talked her into helping out again with the John In The Morning Birthday Bash in March.

In addition to producing these events for KEXP, Amy also helps on The Morning Show, both during the show and behind the scenes while still managing to find time to keep up with a demanding career in real estate and wrangling dogs, goats, chickens, and her firefighter husband on her urban farm!

We are so fortunate to have Amy as an ally of the station - we couldn't do it without her!

FALL '06
Rachel Ratner
KEXP DJ/Educational Outreach Coordinator

Rachel Ratner, our resident Jill of all trades, is this month’s Employee of the Quarter. Rachel is tireless, funny, smart — and very well deserving of this acknowledgement.

Rachel started out as a volunteer here at KEXP, but soon became a regular overnight DJ. Her wit and wisdom has led her to be called upon to train new DJ’s and fill in for daytime shifts. In addition to being a great DJ, she has proven to be an important part of our pledge drives by helping her pitch partners meet and exceed their goals. Rachel is a valuable part of the programming team.

Her amazing work with the volunteer program is bringing us to new levels of sophistication. With our increased need for volunteers and interns, her coordination skills came just in the nick of time. Thank goodness we now have a dedicated and compassionate person to take care of our volunteer needs.

Rachel’s work as BBQ coordinator is nothing short of fantastic. She has learned a lot through her new level of responsibility. Did you see how confident she was slinging that event radio around? With her help, the BBQ has tripled in size, and more then tripled its revenue earnings. Again, it goes back to her coordination abilities. There are so many details and volunteers for her to wrangle; I was very impressed at her ability to keep her cool. She of course had amazing volunteers to thank for the success of the BBQ – but this is our chance to thank her.
Jim Beckmann
KEXP Volunteer

Jim Beckmann has volunteered at KEXP longer than anyone here can remember. He is an invaluable member of our team! Jim is best known for being our friendly Friday morning Front Desk volunteer, but his responsibilities go far beyond that. He trains all new front desk volunteers, helps with administrative tasks, volunteers to promote KEXP at the events we sponsor, and most recently volunteered himself to be the Associate Producer for the Roadhouse (Wed nights from 6p-9p).

Jim has been a welcome addition to Greg Vandy's show, and in particular, his assistance with Roadhouse special programs. For the recent New Orleans/Katrina show, "Going Back To New Orleans", Jim booked on-air guests Nick Spitzer (from PRI’s "American Routes") and Leah Chase, the renowned 83 year-old Creole Chef from Dooky Chase restaurant in the Treme. In addition to increased label contact, Jim will be working on up-coming Roadhouse special programs.

Thanks to Jim (and his adorable dog, Sugar) for making the station a better place!

On behalf of all of your colleagues, thank you for all of your hard work and how you’re making a difference.

Lisa Shimizu
Assistant to Director of Programming

Lisa Shimizu is the kind of employee where you ask yourself, "what did we do BEFORE she was here?"

Starting as a volunteer and working her way up to an invaluable member of the programming team, Lisa always goes above and beyond what is required and asked of her. She's done outstanding work on the CD project, the Kids Dance Party, and many different tasks before, during, and after the pledge drive as well as making sure the Programming interns are taken care of--on top of a million other jobs that wouldn't get done without her.

Lisa does her work with a sense of humor, a sense of purpose and always with the station and its listeners and staff in mind first. She is a tireless champion of KEXP programming and always makes sure the programming team is healthy and happy.

Thank you for all of your hard work Lisa!
Melissa Collett
KEXP Volunteer

Melissa has been a tireless champion not of just the station but the community in which the station broadcasts. Melissa started as our volunteer coordinator almost a year ago, and had tirelessly worked toward improving our volunteer program and KEXP's volunteer culture.

When she learned of the new Audioasis Community Outreach Program she offered up her services to help coordinate the non profit part of the idea. Once she got started there was no looking back and this program wouldn't be even close to the success it is without her hard work. She meets with dozens of organizations around town, puts together schedules that work with them and KEXP, makes sure that both the non profits and the station are represented in the best light possible.

Without her work, thousands of dollars wouldn’t have been raised and thousands of people never would have known about the different groups that KEXP has championed. We should all be very proud of her not only in the way she represents the station but how she represents the city of Seattle.

Thank you for all your hard work Melissa!.

Greg Vandy
Host of The Roadhouse

Greg Vandy is KEXP’s unanimous pick as the KEXP Person Who Matters for February!

Greg has been host of The Roadhouse (airing Wednesday from 6-9pm) since 2000. His recent work spotlighting Martin Luther King and music from New Orleans has raised the bar of KEXP’s programming. Greg has helped raise awareness of New Orleans station WWOZ and has been a huge part of KEXP’s support of the station in February, which culminates with the 8th Annual Mardi Gras Ball at the Sunset Tavern on February 28.

KEXP thanks Greg for his service to KEXP’s listeners and tireless championing of American roots and blues music.
Megan Dosher
KEXP Volunteer

If you have ever volunteered at KEXP, chances are you know Megan Dosher. Megan has been volunteering at KEXP for the last three and a half years. She has done just about everything: answering phones during the pledge drive, helping at mailing parties (she comes down on her lunch hour to help!), helping at shows, and running the phone room.

Megan spent last year as KEXP’s ‘Volunteer Volunteer Coordinator’ and was instrumental in creating our volunteer program. She spent countless hours supporting our development and volunteer efforts, and helped transform the emerging volunteer program.

When she isn’t at KEXP, Megan works as a merchandiser for Tommy Bahama and teaches Sunday school. Her long-term goal is to become a minister in the Presbyterian Church and is hoping to attend the seminary in Austin, Texas in the near future.

Tens of thousands of dollars are saved each year because of the contributions from our volunteers. KEXP owes a huge amount of gratitude to Megan and her dedication to the station. Thank you, Megan!